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Beautiful book, full of duas. Family members loved it

Very nice and simple design. Visuals are so aesthetically pleasing. Love the book mA!

The book smelled fresh off the press, I would like the option to purchase the book with a hard cover, it is more durable. I am happy with this book of Duas, Alhamdulilla 🙏🏾


This is a hatful illustrated book that makes it visual and very appealing

Thought provoking

I have started taking Arabic classes to speak Arabic and to understand Quran. It’s been almost 6 months and journey has been amazing. Alhamdolillah. I the reason for starting understanding quran is to know what Allah subhan watala is saying to me . I heard a lot about Sura Bakra but always wished to know exactly what Allah is saying . Then I saw Mufti Manek on social media talking about the the amazing English version of Sura Baqra Subhanallah
Just started reading and I have a lot of questions. Allah knows best. ألف لام ميم . Who is actually God fearing? I see selfish people , emotionless people are fasting and reading Quran a lot. That’s means anyone can read but Allah is the one who will guide the true Muslim ? So far loving it - جزاک اللّٰہ خیر

The Book of Duas
Jannatul Marzia

Highly recommend getting this amazing book

Fantastically done and translated into English.

Looks amazing!

Such a beautiful piece of art!

The Book of Duas
Kim Ayiguli
Good book

Eashh yo yo understand and read

The Book of Duas
Apholisene Querubin
Helpful, wonderful and calming book to read.

I love this book. It helps me feel calm when I read the book. It is also helpful to find specific dua that I would like to read. I especially read morning and evening duas everyday. I even given a copy of this book to my friend and now I am waiting for more stock to arrive to give to my friend's sister for Eid al-Adha.

The Book of Duas
Ibtisaam Khodabaccus
Book of Duas

Very nice

The Book of Duas
Maham Masood
Excellent purchase

Small, easy to follow, I can take it anywhere with me. Simply categorised. Love it


I expected it to provide an in depth view of which surah was related under which circumstance or situation. But it is essentially an English translation in the order of revelation without any backstory.

The Message | Makkan Edition



Received in a timely manner , awesome print

A magnificent read.quality is super duper.
Delivery very swift.
I fell in love with this dua book from I saw it and carry it everywhere with me

Amazing book ma sha Allab❤️❤️

The Book of Duas
illana Teixeira
Amazing !!

These books are beautifully made with well made visuals to illustrate the duaas, thank you 🫶🏽

The Book of Duas
Shabnam Tanwar
My sister loved it!

I had gifted the book of duas and The quran translation makkan edition as ramadan gift and she loves it, Alhumdulillah. Very good addition to the library.


Beautiful. Can’t wait to start.

The Book of Duas
Fathima Zahir
Book of Duas

Hello. Ordered the book of duas & Quran revealed. But received only the Quran Revealed. So cannot provide feedback. Sorry.

The Book of Duas
Mariam Khan
Beautiful Book of Duas

This book is a conprehensive compilation of duas, with pretty visuals and the size makes it perfect to take with you everywhere

The Book of Duas

Amazing book and perfect Eid gift

The Book of Duas
Mirza Baig
Only few basic duas, hard to read

there is not a whole lot to talk about here, the book is full of pictures and handful of supplications. The font is very small and hardly readable with the color combination. Disappointed!